Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aug 1995

Let's see if I can pick up where I left off at....

Lets see David's grandmother had just passed, we were awaiting the birth of our third child...

David;s dad had gone to fla, they had a house down there! He liked to get away a lot without David's mom! RIGHT there should have been some sort of RED flag!!! Like father like son ( GOD I hope my sons aren't like their dad)!!!

Anywho while his dad was away in fla our Son Brent was born Aug 21 1995!!!

Well Sam cam rushing home to see his grandson ( so I thought that was the reason he was rushing home)!

2 weeks later Brittany was having her 5th b-day... I invited the whole family and my friends!

Well things were crazy here kids every where! I was trying to read Brittany her birthday cards and my fil ( pain in the ass) was reading over me, a book to one of Brittany's guest! I shot him a dirty look and read louder! He read louder! He is such a moron!!

One time in so many words he told me to shut up that I should be seen and not heard! 

Well present time was over we all went out back to play! So I thought we ALL went out to play! I came in to get something, and I hear my one nephew at the bottom of the steps calling for "grandpa"! I tell him "grandpa is out side!" he insist grandpa was upset stairs so after a few minutes of trying to tell him I was right and he was wrong ( glad he insisted)... I picked him up and said "Come on, I will show you!" So we went upstairs to "look"  and low and behold , my friends seven yr old came running out of Brian's room almost knocking me down and flew down the stairs like a bat out of hell! then my FIL followed, but yet he pushed past me to get into the bathroom! 

Brian's bedroom was darker then dark! I had mini blinds in his room a draw shade and heavy curtains, so he could sleep. ALL which were closed, so the room was darker then dark!

I went down stairs with josh and told him to go out and play which at that time my best friend was in the living room and her son had darted out the front door! She asked what happened?I said I am not sure, but told her what I had seen! My fil was in the upstairs bathroom for over thirty minutes!

2 weeks after that david was pretty much being followed by uncovered cops and the chief of police was showing up here asking me questions... They followed David all the way to west Chester to his dad's home, but that time his dad was long gone out of the country! the police had followed David there... and When his mother answered the door to the police she said "NOT again!"

The police that showed up here had told me that my fil was a child molester and that this was not his first time. Apparently he had done time for this before in 1976.... Remember I mentioned the OLD R swearing up and down that my fil was a principal at his school yrs ago and I kept saying NO he was confused!!!!!!!!

BOY he was right and I was the one confused! When R told me that in April of 88 (  wrote about that in my April 88 entry)  I never mentioned it to David because I never in a ,million years thought R was right!!!  I so wish I would have asked David! BUT apparently according to my one BIL (bother in law) when his mom had said "NOT again!" all three of them were shocked! My one brother in law ( the only one that would talk to me about this)remembers his dad being gone for a time in 1976 BUT he remembers his mom saying he was away doing missionary work!!!

Any way the police showed up here again asking me where he was... and that he was also wanted in fl for the same thing! So after the police left I looked it up on line and sure enough there is was a copy of his warrant...


So much for him wanting to come home and see Brent the date of the warrant was Brent's birthday! Here he messed with another little boy in fl who was 7 at the time!

He had a thing for 7 yr olds!  The little boy in 76 was 7 also!

Looking back some things he had said to me should have been red flags!

When Brian was one I said to David he should spend more time with his son! And my FIL's response was "I didn't spend any time with my boys until they were 7!"  makes me wonder if he didn't mess with David? makes me half wonder if that is half of david;s problem and why he left? He left when Brian turned 7!!!maybe he was afraid he would turn out like his dad and was protecting  his sons?

Sam was gone for 7 yrs... There is a statue of limitations and he thought it was UPlittle did he know NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!  not of he left the country , it was as if time stood still, because when he tried to come back he got busted! Had he stayed in the country and moved around from state to state and never got caught time would have ran out! BUT since he left the county time stopped!

Well he was let go of his position in another country's "Christian school" and was trying to get back in the states through HI and the US marshals busted him... and hauled his ass back to fla!  Sadly though the parents of the boy in fla dropped the charges! I think money talks, MY rich BIL probably paid them off ( not the one who talked to me)... and he was sent back to PA to the judge here for my friends son! Sadly there was not enough evidence and he is Scott free today!!!! He left in 95 and came back in 2003.

BUT that is why I do not like my kids going there!


krspkrmmom said...

I don't blame ya...ewwwwwwwwww...*shudder*

Annie =)

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he should be skinned and hung and salted. then slaughtered like the pig he is. I wouldn't want my kids or grandkids near him either. I'm trying to read a few journals before i move saturday. should be back on line about 2 weeks after we move. take care my friend. ((((((((hugs))))))))