Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug. 22 2001


 His father  has  come first  and probably  always will.  Even though we share the same last name, they have never in 18 years  we were together made me feel I was part of the family.  My last name is just something on my PA ID


He was  very controlling.  Which I guess is why I stayed so long.

I still remember to  this day what she said to me when David left. She called me and told me I should read the Bible book Hosea and I should obey, respect and honor my husband, As if I were the one to cheat! When I said to her "How am I suppose to "respect" David after he broke our wedding vows!"  She seemed shock either because I spoke up to her or as if she was shocked to hear her precious son cheated!!!!

That was a horrible first few months when he left...

first 9-11... She went back to pairs and he wanted to come over here nights so as not to be alone! He didn't want to be alone and have nothing to do BUT think about what he did to US!

He was living above his office and his secretary didn't like him to much and had told me he set  the upstairs as their little love shack!

She had asked him at one point , "do you really think Sharon will take you back if things don't work out with you and FiFi?"  She said to her "I don't see why not!"

Then I said to him "well if someone were to ask me out ,can I go?"  I know I didn't need his permission, just was being a "bitch" to see what he would say! His response was "WE will discuss that when the time comes!" 

I said "What like we discussed your affair before hand?"   He had nothing to say!

Then again maybe we did discuss it when he asked me if I would have a threesome? & I told him I don't share!

OCT  (she was back) was horrible.... Brian had a BAD bike accident and we ended up in the ER I spent most of the night trying to get hold of his dad in between cat scans and MRI's and x-rays... Brian had a 2nd degree concussion ,a hair line fracture in his cheek bone his face looked like hamburger meet, thought his hand was broken. When I finally got hold of him he was out of breath... he claims he was sleeping! I told him I know his sleeping breathing from "something" else! Then I said "she's back isn't she? he said YES! I said well while you were romping in bed I spent the night in the ER with your son, and instead of asking was he ok, he asked "which one?"  Jerk! Like it matters!

he never came by the next day to check on Brian!

a few days after that we were at the dentist for a check up on his teeth. And my friends son fell off the slide at my house and broke his arm in three places! So we had to rush home from that appointment to get her son!

5 days after that Bethany ( just turned 2) swallowed a penny and was choking, my neighbor 2 doors down just moved in that night and he helped save her life, he told me to call the 911 to play safe! The ambulance came to get us, and as we were pulling put David called here and Brittany, just turned 10 at the time answered the phone and he asked for me, she told him I was not here and what had happened and that I was on the way hospital with Bethany! He asked Brittany which one, she said she didn't know but it was the one we ALWAYS use!

he claims he called every hospital in the county but Bethany was not at any of them! YEAH right give me a break!!!! 

And if he paid attention to what she had told him he would have know which hospital it was, all 4 kids were born there!

2 days later he finally shows up and I am showing him pictures of the penny that was still stuck in Bethany's throat and it had to be taken out. and Brian's face... He calls his brother and says "Yeah it was worse then I thought it was!"

Like I make this shit up!

Then he says to me "funny how the kids always get hurt when she is in town!"

Ass hole was trying to say I hurt my kids!!!!


If it was not for my secret Santa that year I would not of had anything for the kids he didn't even help me with that!

my dinning room was over flowing with gifts when my ex asked where I got the money for that I told him I sold my rings... He told me I probably got ripped off! I said does it look like I got ripped off?

Then I told him I didn't sell my rings he told me I was mean for saying I did "LIKE cheating on me wasn't mean?"

I did try and sell my rings the following spring and I did get ripped off... by HIM!!!!! the rings were worthless!

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