Friday, August 1, 2008

98, 99 and 2000


Short and some sweet some not so sweet...

I became pregnant with Bethany in 1998...

Gave birth to Bethany in Sept of 1999...

I am pretty sure David's affair started shortly after her birth!!!

Lots of red flags started going up! He started to watch his weight and exercise ( jog around the block) come to find out later he was really going to the corner store to use the payphone to call his mistress!

He got his teeth whitend.

And started to buy me guilt gifts.

We went on a family vacation (Dec 2000) and we had not been on one of those since 1996!

Oh and once what was a joke was no longer funny to him when it was no longer a joke and was true! Guess that saying The truth hurts!" is real!

We use to get hang up calls and I would teasingly say to david "it's your girl friend!"  and Brittany would say ( she was 6 , 7 and 8) "Your daddy's girlfriend mommy!" 

BUT then the hang up calls became a regular thing and when I said "Oh it's your girl friend!"  He got mad and flipped out on me saying "How dare you accuse me of having a girlfriend in front of my childern!"

Shortly after  2001 , mid Jan David was on the computer a lot and every time I came into the room he would close out!

Once when I walked in quietly I wasn't sneaking I am a light walker I saw him on e-bay and asked him what he was doing!

He told me I runied the suprise, that he was looking for a new ring (diamond) for me!  I NEVER got that ring... ( found out a few months later "she" got it! We weren't even separated yet and he was giving her an egagment ring already.

Then he was on Paris sites looking to take a trip. He told me he was going to take me there for our anniversary!!! 

That never happend!...

to be continued...

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