Monday, August 4, 2008

HE WENT (march 01- aug 01)

In Jan he went to the Dr's and asked to be put on viagra! He was still in his 30's and needed this! Guess he needed it to keep up with 2 women OR show off what he really didn't have to the New women!!!

So david went to Paris that March without me even though I begged him not too! he said he had to!

I told him right before he left "If you are going for another women Don't come back!"   You might have thought I smacked him across the face or something, the way he backed up from me! I also told him not to eat the meat or drink the water! (sarcasm)

So he went... The whole time he was there he only called 2 times ,I knew there was another women, so I would say "I love you!" he would say things like "yeah!" I would say "NO I love you!"  I kept it up until he said it back!

So he comes home and things are worse.

he came home sick and tried to blame it on me! I said to him "well I told you not to eat the meat over there or drink the water!"  He told me I poisoned him!  I said "from all the way over here? he said I did it slowly over time and I looked a poison  up on line!!!  he is to much!!!  I told him ONLY if I would have thought of that!!

He loved to shift the blame! he started to accuses me having cheating! yeah right I wish! BUT I had 4 kids with me 24/7 no car where when and how was I finding the time to cheat?

So as the months went by he was mean and nasty, even though I never looked at the phone bill and hardly ever called my mom he was yelling at me that the phone bill was to high, he would rip it up after he paid the bill so I could not see it! Turns out later after he left I got one and it was over 400.00 all calls to Paris!!!

In June 0f 01 he went to NY and no one heard from him in days, Not even his brother and not even the airport his plane was suppose to be at! His brother called here and I told him "I think he is cheating!"  His brother sounded shock BUT I am not so sure it was shock at him not knowing or shock as in I figured it out!!!

He came back 2 days after he was suppose to be home and went off on me for calling his mom! EXCUSS me for wanting to find my husband the father of my kids!!!

July of 01  he took me to Vegas ( so much for Paris ) for my B-day , Ann combo... and supposedly I was suppose to find out there that he was cheating on me! Looking back I knowexactly when and where he was going to tell me, BUT he stopped himself!

Coming home from the Philly airport was a nightmare! 2 hour drive home dead silence! Came home to his mother who had watched the kids for us in the living room with a brand new vacuum cleaner... Guilt gift IMO. Cover for her son's sorry cheating ass!!!!

A few days after that was our 11th anniversary. he took me out to dinner but it was not very nice not well thought out and he rushed through it gave me a card that read "past tense" We Had , type of thing....  He brought me home dropped me off at the door and took off to be with her!

I made a comment at dinner "at least you aren't telling me on our anniversary like G did to D! " he laughed!


Wasn't so funny 6 days later....

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