Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sept 1999- 2001

Sept 1999 Bethany was born!

After Bethany's birth David was gone almost every weekend! Leaving me home alone with 4 kids, no car and NO money. I had to make due with what was here! I didn't work not even my day care, I wasn't allowed!
June through Aug 2000 he was gone every weekend flying his brother ( so he says) to Fla... Looking back now I should have known his brother didn't make half  of those trips!

DEC 2000 We went to Disney world which would be out last family vacation.

In the 10 yrs we were together we had only gone on maybe 3 family vacations our whole marriage!


Jan 2001  things started to get worse , all the signs of his infidelity were there! I was just in denial about it!

Some things he did...


- he got a hair cut every chance he could... <<< I sensed he was cheating so when he would get a hair cut I could say things like "you don't need one, your going bald anyway!")

- Clothes get flashier <<<< and he told me to shop at the thrift store for me and the kids 

Changes cologne <<< and it smelled horrible 

He started to jog around the neighborhood, right to the corner store to use the pay phone to call her!

 he got his teeth whitened

he would take hour showers 2 sometimes three a day!

At the beginning of an affair, he was actually be more affectionate than usual due to guilt feelings I guess.

Later, after the affair had been going on awhile, he often turn around and blame things on me when I would question his whereabouts He lost interest in domestic activities, such as spending even less time with the kids, fixing up the house, lawn care, etc. saying we didn't respect him or the house anyway! There was a change in his sexuality, he wanted more and even "took" it when he wanted too! Then one day out of the blue he was asking me about threesome as if I would say YES, seems like he already had the thrid party picked out ( he did!) I WOULD say NO I took wedding vows to YOU and only you some of his  sexual requests were not normal!.
 he became more distant, cold, and always found  fault in me telling  his family and firends it was me! He would blame me for his behavior.
Money was missing. although I was not allowed access to the account I had to ask , and when I did he would calim we did not have it! 

his  Grooming habits changed. he bought a new wardrobe and  started to become more attentive to his personal appearance. 
There were many abrupt hang ups when I would answer the phone.  


He was on the computer a lot! His misstress was not from the U.S... She was from Paris...



Well I am not much in the mood to finish this at the moment! My train of thought is gone!!! 

My kids are in the other room playing Rock band and it is loud!!!

I may just post ... tomorrow on D-Day  what I wrote (saved) 6 yrs ago!

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