Sunday, August 3, 2008

Continued from yesterday

Even though I wanted to separate from David pretty much since 1995, I stuck it out and tried to make it work . I took wedding vows and felt I had to live them out "til death do I part!"

After David pretty much shut me out after his grandmother passed and his dad flipped his lid! I tried with all my might to make it work, even  though he wasn't doing his part. It was hard!

He got worse and more controlling after his dad skipped the country! He told me who I could and couldn't see... That was pretty much ALL my friends and my family!!! I wasn't allowed to call my mom "the phone bill!" He wouldn't teach me how to drive even though I wanted to learn and he claims he wanted me to learn, BUT every time I got behind the wheel with him he did what ever he could to scare me from driving! I had to rely on him to take me places and lots of times his answer was  he was either to tried or had to work!

I just grined and bared it and did as I was told, raised our kids alone , even though he was still here with us he didn't help with rasing the kids! I cooked and cleaned and my "wifely" duty.

Well tomorrow marks the 7 yr anniversarry of D-Day (discovery day) When I found out that he was cheating on me...

for 6 months ALL the red flags where there. BUT still stuck it out till the bitter end!

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