Monday, March 24, 2008


Was born and raised in Malvern, PA...
don't remember much of my life
 I remember my parents split up
Then got back together. For a while I lived in Rockledge PA
my parents got back together in I think maybe 1972
In 1973 I got this doll I named her Tina, she went every where with me!
I still have her, she sits on my dresser. She no longer has her original legs though and her arms are held on by ducttape!
After that I don't remember to much, blocked out a lot of my child hood as my dad was very verbally and emotionally abusive. Sometimes physically! For some reason he beat on my sister more then he did me!
My mom told me they split up that time because he pulled a gun on her and told her he knew how to use it, he wasn't afraid and he didn't care what happended to us ( my sister and I).

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