Saturday, March 29, 2008

93,94 & some of 95

1993 and 1994 and part of 1995 was pretty much quiet! David's dad had sold the plane right after Bri was born so he didn't do much fun time flying, the only time he flew was for work. Yeah he was home more with us but didn't do much just sat on his rocker, and watched the weather channel and or CNN, Brittany would ask him to do things BUT his answer was always NO,

He never played ball with the boys! The boys didn't start playing football until the yr our neighbors moved in up the street and that was only about 3-4 yrs ago!

 I became pregnant with Brent at the end of 1994.

David's grandmother became ill, a brain tumor! She was 75 in March of 1995 and lost her battle in May 1995 , at her bed side she could barely talk.. But she montioned for me to come over to her, she whispered something in my ear , I could hear her and I asked her to repeat herself... I felt so bad. :*(  BUT she touched my belly and said it again! So I am positive she told me to tell the baby she loved him!

I miss the women so much! She was the glue that held that family together!

Brittany was almost 5, BUT she has memories of her grandmom from when she was 2! and I never really told her ...Not this one anyway She says she remembers ( we use to go to bible school with her on tuesdays) Well Brittany remembers we were sitting on the living room floor and I was fixing her hair and her grandmom came in and she ( Brittany) remembers seeing her grandmom's reflection in the mirror and got all excited! She use to bring Brittany apples and grapes every tuesday! Brittany really looked forward to that! Grandmom use to go real slow past the farms so Brittany could see the cows! Or she would slow down I mean real down so when we were going past a horse and buggy (amish country here). we were actaully going the same speed as the buggy, so Brittany could see! Brittany was her first Great Grand Child and I think she thought she was the best thing since sliced bread!

I miss her so much! If she were still here nothing that happended next would have happened!

Because after she passed away things just started to come unglued! 



am4039 said...

well she sounded like such a wonderful woman.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I hope writing this helps you let it go...someday are som much better off with out the punk!!!  And you know can't change the fact that he is a piss poor father that put another woman in front of his kids ands still does to this day...He is a POS and it is too bad too cause he will miss the days that he could have been a dad someday..but this will be his woe to face not yours..keep your chin up..keep being the great mom you are and know you are in my prayers!  HugsTerryAnn