Thursday, March 27, 2008


We bought our first home, moved out of our apartment and moved into our home! I didn't really like the house to much! BUT again I was pretty much told in so many words "shut up and sign!"

His dad and mom gave us the closing cost money as a gift! BUT his father seemed to think otherwise! He still came up a lot and everytime he would tell people "WE have a nice house here!"  Like who the heck is WE???  When moving in I put a chair where I WANTED IT and went out to get a box from the truck and came back in and it was facing the oppiste direction of the way I had it, It was facing the door, like I want to have my back to where the TV  hook was! @@ So I switched it to the way I wanted and again went out to get another box! Came back in and the chair was moved again! UGH!!!!! Stupid man get the hint it is MY house I want MY chair this way! and moved it again! After that it stayed my way! I was made to unpack ech box as they came into! I was not to have any boxes with stuff in them by the end of the night! ALL David did was move furinture and stuff I was made to do ALL the unpacking!

Brittany just learned to walk that week too!

We moved a month after her first birthday!

And it was the week of Halloween!!!

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