Tuesday, March 25, 2008

April 1988


It was April 14 1988 David was away at College, My best friend and I were cruzing the streets of West Chester, she had just started dating a fire man at one of the fire houses in West Chester! Well we went past the firehouse a few times..

WC has one way roads and there is a joke about 2 of them... You go in High and come out Gay! hahaha!

BUT anyway as we went past the fire house for like the third time 2 of the guys were out side! The car windows were opened and I heard one of them say "Let's go!"

So the chase was on! Well long story short... They are from WC and knew the streets better and we were trapped! We came to a stop and all of a sudden the guys popped their head into the passenger side window! I jumped....

They said HI! We said HI... Then the dark hair one says to the blonde "I found the girl of my dreams!.." Then he saw my finger and added "But she's engaged!"  I will start calling the dark hair guy R ( yes for you old time readers of my other J, he IS the "OLD R") and I will call the blond "S"

They asked me who I was engaged to and when I told them who... They said "No way he wouldn't be engaged to you!"

Then I remembered there were 2 David C's in town! And I said "Oh not him, the other one!" Then R says to me "was his dad a principal of ??? the elementary school?" I said "NO! Not that I know of, he sells insurance!" Well R says "No I think he was, and one day he just never came back to work!"  Well I just said "No!" again and we let it go!

It was a Thursday night ...


BUT from that night on from like Thursday night until Sunday from 6pm until 2am we were together, we quickly became best friends! BUT that was ALL nothing more! We knew each other inside and out! Like a favorite book!

He wanted more then a friendship but was to afraid to admit it! I too deep down wanted more too! BUT figured I was trapped, I was engaged to David! I didn't want to disappoint my mom, So I stayed with David!

R and I went to The Rat ( a bar hang out) every weekend , we use to dance and just goof around and have fun! We would go to Denny's at 2 am with the gang and then Back to myfriends bf's house and while they were "busy" upstairs R and I would sit down stairs just talking, Until he got called away to a fire, most of the time they were hot dog fires! @@ at 3 and 4 am who the hell makes hot dogs that time of the day?

We would dance to songs like Al B Sures Night and Day, and Keith Sweats make it last forever, george Michaels One more try... Cheap tricks the flame...

When David came home from college R and I didn't spend as much time together , and R just wasn't around much!!!!

I never told David about my friendship with R but I think he had a feeling something was up!

The night before our wedding my best friends and I went to The Rat for one last girls night out!

R showed up but only for a brief moment! He walked up to me and whispered in my ear "It will never work, BUT I would never tell you what to do!" He walked out and I didn't see him again for 4-5 months!

The day of my wedding I told my mom, That I didn't think I wanted to do this (get married)... She told me "YES you do!"  I said "NO, I don't think I do!"  But she convinced me I did!

I really deep down had wished R would have showed up and stopped the wedding!!

BUT the wedding went and we got married...(7-29-89)


I NEVER questioned David about what R said about his dad and him being a principal, it never came up ever again  between me and R and never came up with David EVER...

until 1995...

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