Monday, March 24, 2008

1980 - 1983

By 1980 the age of 14 I was only wearing my brace at bedtime...
I had my first boy friend, Andy... That didn't last long, Then their was Kevin (mentioned in my other J as K, as few times) Then I broke up with K, and went out with Gregg, he broke up with me, and I went out with David (AKA Butthead) (it's now Sept 1982) Got to high school and broke up with David to go back out with Kevin, Kevin pissed me off after spreading a rumor about me and we broke up again... Spring of 1983 David and I got back together!
LOL the very first time David asked me out I said NO, my sister was with me when he asked and apparently when I said NO, he asked why in a meek voice, But I didn't hear him, My sister said "he asked why!"  LOL ... because I was "in love" with Gregg and was waiting for him to ask me out, he did, but that only lasted a month, he cheated on me with another girl, because I wasn't putting out! @@  Then July 27, 1983, David asked me out again and this time I said YES!!!! 
 Sept came and I got to 9th grade and wanted to "SEE" what was out there, BUT Kevin and I got back together! That lasted 4 months! We broke up, and I was single until may of 83 when David called one night and asked me back out, telling me how much he missed me!
We dated 6 yrs, He went to college for all of those yrs and we still dated, we saw each other Christmas, Spring breaks and summer!

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