Thursday, March 27, 2008


Brian was born Feb, David's first son! You would think he would be more helpful! He probably changed 3 diapers the whole time he was in diapers!

His dad sold their airplane that yr too! Thank Goodness, David was home more now! He wasn't much help but he was home!

He never wanted to do anything with us on the weekends! He claimed he worked all week and was tired! Like I sat home and watched oprah and ate bon-bons all day!!! @@


I made a comment once to David in front of his dad about spending time with his kids more!

His dad pretty much again told me to shut up, that he never spent time with his kids until they were 7!!!!

I didn't think about it then BUT yrs later it would make prefect sense and it would go with what R had told me the night we met in 1988! 5 yrs later thoughts of him still went through my head...

memories of him would go through my head especially when we would go "HOME" to visit his ( David's) family, we had to drive past the firehouse!

At one point he had forbidded me to see my family! He told me they were crazy! Like his family could do NO wrong! EVEN if they did do wrong ( which will come to light soon) they would deny it STILL to this day!!!!

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momiscool2 said...

OMG - my ex's favorite expression was - and still is - I'm a grown man, I worked all week - that was for anything I ever asked him to do -as far as helping me with the kids - it was always his excuse.  

Even now - if I ask him to help me with something - a meeting for the kids, get the kids a haircut on his weekend with them, etc,  he tells me he worked all week and is too tired.

When Robert was saying he wanted to die last week - He said oh he's just being dramatic - I am too tired to come to your house. I just got home - it was 9pm. -=USELESS.

I can SO relate!