Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After the wedding

Pretty much after the wedding things with David changed! When the second ring went on he changed!

We had to cut our honeymoon short to come home so his then 17 yr old brother could marry his 16 yr old gf ( no she was not pregnant).. Her parents were moving out of state and they didn't want to be separated so the parents let them get married! what a mistake that was the marriage lasted less then 2 yrs!

BUT yeah after David and I got married he wanted to go back to school in fla and live in his parents house down there with me and his mother said NO, I didn't know she didn't like me, she never let on... well maybe I should have took the hint when one time his father said to me "I like you, BUT Aleta (David's mom) wishes he would find a college educated girl!" Like what the hell does that have to do with "LOVE"?

BUT yet after his bother and his gf got married they moved down to fla and into her vacation home and she had no problem with that!

We lived at my mom's house for about a week, after we got married..., David worked an hour away and hated the drive so we moved.

OH on our wedding night I got pregnant with our first baby, only to lose him/her 8 weeks later!

I mentioned before  how David was devoted to me and spent all his spare time with me before marriage, well after that second ring went on, it all went down hill! He spent more time with his dad then he did with me! his dad was up every other night ( an hour away) and if he wasn't up he was calling at 10pm at night just because he wasn't getting "it" anymore , We were newlyweds how didn't he know we weren't doing "it?"....

David spent his weekend with his dad flying and going places and not taking me! he left me home alone a lot!!!

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