Monday, March 24, 2008


1975 I was 9 and the DR's discovered I had scoliosis. At the age of 10 , 10-11-76, I had surgery, at the time I was the youngest to ever have that surgery! I was in bed for 6 months with a full body cast on, I missed a whole yr. of school and had to repeat it the following yr.!
I was in a cast from the age of 9 to 15.
Again I blocked out a lot of those yrs due to the abuse at home and the cruelty of the kids at school! I do remember but I choose to block it out!
My dad wasn't the nicest person or fun to live with! He was mean and crule and told me I was stupid and would never be smart enough to do anything in life! I wanted to be a writer he told me it was stupid! I wanted to be a teacher he told me I was to stupid to be one! I wanted to be a nurse again he told me I was to stupid!
He hated black people and called them the N word! Some of my best freinds were black! He would tell me if I ever came home "knocked up by a black guy ( except he didn't use the word black) He would kill us both!
SO I guess it was ok to come home knocked up by  a white guy?
had I of said that out loud though I would be sporting dentures today!
He would beat my sister daily and was just plain mean to my mom and me! Why she ever went back to him in 1973 I will never know!

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